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Gas Product Range

Peninsula Gas & Fuel is one of the only independent distributors of LP Gas based on the Mornington Peninsula.

Delivering daily to clients on the Mornington Peninsula, we offer an unbeatable service supplying bottled LP Gas, as well as Supagas beverage and industrial cylinders.

For more information on our LP Gas Products, feel free to call us on 5981 1433.



9kg BBQ Cylinder – Gas X Change

Our 9kg exchange cylinders are the perfect solution for your BBQ, caravan and camping needs. We also have 17 outlets across the Mornington Peninsula distributing our 9kg & 4kg cylinders.

15kg Forklift Cylinder

Using LP Gas for your forklift is not only cost effective but is also a cleaner option that produces fewer emissions than petrol and diesel. If you use forklift gas on a regular basis we offer a weekly delivery schedule so that you can be confident in the fact that you will never run out.

45kg Household Cylinder

Our main service is the distribution of 45kg LP Gas cylinders for domestic and industrial purposes. With so many areas on the Mornington Peninsula still reliant on LP Gas, our service is sure to meet your needs. 45kg cylinders are also great to use for factory heating and our heater hire program works brilliantly to warm up your workplace during winter.